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The second half of the day I spent in London with my sister was spent walking along glorious, touristy Southbank. The Festival of Neighbourhood made all the tourists worth it; it’s funny how I feel like such a tourist myself when I go to places that are back ‘home home’ now, even though they were just a stone’s throw away when I was living with my mum. I definitely wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing though, it makes everything feel a bit more like an event and a bit out of the every day, which I guess it is nowadays.

Tiny bottles of champagne, such a cute idea for graduation season.

As it was so hot and my sister hadn’t been, after a mosey around the small food market they have there, we went straight up to the Southbank Centre’s roof top garden for a drink, it was super pricey, £30 for a jug of Pimm’s so we skipped on that and opted for ‘pints’ of lemonade instead (still £2.50 a pop and from a bottle of Schweppes).

It was lovely to sit up there and soak up the sun and atmosphere before having a walk around and look at all the pretty flowers and greenery. I first went up there a couple of years ago for my 22nd birthday and it’s come along a lot since then, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re visiting London over the summer.

Wild strawberry – bit obsessed with strawberries generally at the moment.

Reminds of the graffiti we saw in Bristol back in April.

It would be so much fun to get a bunch together and stay in a Living Architecture home, they so beautiful.

I was absolutely dying over the window gardens along the river, they’re also worth a look. I was more looking forward to something similar to the beach huts they had on my last big summer visit all that time ago, but these were just as cool – if not more so as they gave me a little inspiration for the potential of my own garden, as well as giving me some new found appreciation.

Long Live Southbank

The type!

Have you seen any of the neat things going on along Southbank recently? It’s still one of my favourite places to take photographs even after snapping it to exhaustion during my college years (yikes, that was an age ago!).

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