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Melody & Stuart.

Posey posing in the sun.
So, the whole reason I was back ‘home home’ to go up to Spitalfields and mosey along Southbank was for my cousin, Melody’s wedding. We went to the champagne reception and meal, I would have stayed longer but had to get back to Newbury for work the following day.

Taking a long my SLR, I managed to make a big statement by dropping my lens hood from the balcony into the lobby just as Melody and Stuart entered, so… that was good. Handily, their actual photographer was quick to rush it back to me. The hotel was super-fancy but very warm, I was so thankful when we got into the restaurant where we were eating our meal and there was air conditioning.

As with all weddings, it was pretty nice to just celebrate two people in love, as well as just spend time with family I don’t get to see very often too – you know, catch up on the latest gossip and things.

Isn’t this the cutest idea for a signing-in book?

Stuart was literally beaming all afternoon, so sweet.

Mel looked beautiful and her dress was so her, completely effortless.

Guess who caught the bouquet?

Our gift boxes contained fancy tea, which I saw at Taste of London last month, it’s just a pity I don’t have a glass tea set to use it with.

Modern technology: catching up on Andy Murray winning Wimbledon.

Who would have thought such a fancy restaurant would drip feed you wine in the way they did? Obviously I couldn’t take advantage of this as I was driving, but I had just enough red wine to make my tongue purple.

Green tea soufflé

I just generally enjoy weddings but it was nice to go to one I had a bit more of an emotional connection to, basically, not working one was pretty nice (I would say for a change but the reality is I haven’t actually shot that many) – and what a great time of year to have a wedding too with the sun shining away.

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