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One of the things I really enjoy about living in Newbury, aside from feeling pretty safe, there’s a great sense of community. I relish in the ridiculousness of Britishness – the kind I was photographing for Malden Fortnight a couple of years ago. We some how stumbled on Newbury Carnival last weekend, there was a wicked parade with bagpipes and everything, it really made for a fun couple of hours.

I think they were selling children’s hats, but not entirely sure, creepy.

Wonder how many actual hot chocolates they sold in the 32°C heat.

You really have to admire people who are willing to dress up in thick, furry costumes with the sun beating down on them.

Gotta love a morris dancer.

The coolest vehicle of the parade and he still looked sad.

Costa to cool off with some ice-cold drinks.

The signage for the butchers in town is one of my favourites, it’s recently been re-done, can’t even begin to describe the font-appreciation.
Does your town put on fun summer events with parades and funfairs?

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