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Let’s Go Here, and Here, and Here…

From a couple of weekends ago; Taking in my favourite place in East London, Old Spitalfields. ♥
It was all about: sweet dogs on the tube, new street art, alfresco dining at Patisserie Valerie, checking out InSpitalfields, performers singing Elbow, Judy’s Vintage Fair and clever cupcakes.

This dog was so well-behaved, and loved being petted, what a sweetheart. ♥

Flat White.

Valerie Club.

Go meet your anchor.


‘Pimm’s My Ride’ from Flavourtown Bakery – a fancy cupcake with mint & orange icing, lime sponge and Pimm’s jelly in the middle, so clever!

Crazy-ridiculous hipster specs.

Beef stew is one of my all time faves, but they need to get serious.

A lovely first half to an afternoon hanging out with my sister, part two coming up real soon.

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