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It Was Only Rock ‘n’ Roll…

Well, I have returned from the greatest party on Earth and ready to get things going here again. I took a bunch of photos, 35mm, polaroid and all as well as a few videos too so there’s a little bit to get through. I don’t want to bore you with it all so there will probably be a few other things in between while I get around to all of it.

Glastonbury really is the best festival, and everything bad about it, like the long drops, loud Mancurians and all the walking are all made up for in atmosphere (and the vibes). We were so lucky with the weather this year, and the acts, we saw some great things – including a few ‘secret’ sets. My musical highlights were probably The Rolling Stones and Dizzee Rascal, completely not my thing but I loved them. I actually didn’t see anyone that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, apart from The Lumineers, but we’ll just back-bench them.

It just seemed much more relaxed than previous years, I guess I’m getting on for being a bit of a veteran at this by now. It’s the first time I’ve managed to see all three headliners on the Pyramid stage and I’m pretty proud of not having my usual Friday-meltdown from exhaustion that I’ve had before. We spent a lot of time on our own just because there’s always so much to do, but the group we went with were a great bunch and it was so fun to find out what everyone had been up to at the end of the day.

Thank you for having us, Glasto, see you again next year. ♥ ♥ ♥

I’m not really sure what else to say, everything is a lot more mundane when you’ve given yourself two days off to take everything in and all you’ve got to do is get a haircut and do laundry. It’s very quiet without 176,999 other people to enjoy a field with…

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