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In the Evening Light.

TGIF! I’m so pleased that the weekend is nearly here again, it’s been pretty busy at work and I’ve been feeling far too Ferris Buellery recently, who wouldn’t with this amazing weather? Finally I’ll have some time to enjoy the sunshine with a relaxing couple of days ahead of me.

I thought the start of the weekend would be a good chance to share a few photos I took when I was back at home last weekend and I took my sister for an after dinner stroll in Richmond Park. It seemed silly to not enjoy the lovely weather and make the most of the later light. There were heaps of deer around, we were out for quite a while and even nearly got locked in. It does annoy me a little sometimes that I didn’t take more advantage of this space when I was living with my mum.
I really like the light in some of these and the way the antlers on the larger red deer look, so majestic!

Like little trees.
If I work out my sleeping pattern a little better than I have been (sleeping in past 7am after going to bed after 11pm, oops, bit of a no-no!), I’m hoping to get more after-work walks squeezed in, it’s so nice to feel more active and enjoy the lovely evening sunshine…

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