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I’m not sure what I can say about Glastonbury that hasn’t already been said, and I know that it’s pretty stereotypical of me to go on and on about it, but you’d definitely get it if you were there. Even though it’s taken over two days for me to recover from the walking and lack of sleep, I still can’t wait for tickets to go on sale again later this year so I can do it all over again.

Here’s a selection of my favourite photos from the nearly-week spent away, there’s a bigger selection on Flickr too.

Queues, queues, queues.

L // Reppin’ my Stay at Home Club tee. | R // Hangin’ in The Park.

White chocolate cheesecake, outdoors… amazing.

Not sure these wellies will ever be this clean again(!)

Dizzee Rascal.

Seeing Dry the River for the 11th time after they opened our Glastonbury for the second time on the Thursday night. Pretty good fangirling.

L // Jammin’ along to The Heavy. | R // Lifesize Glastonbury Tor made out fo cardboard boxes.

One of my favourite musical moments this year. ♥
It’s well and truly back to reality today as I’m back at work, lounging around was fun but a little unproductive so I need a little knock to get me out of my post-festival slump.

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