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Flavrbox for July.

WOWOWOWOW! This is my favourite Flavrbox in ages. Such generously-sized items and such great items at that, I’m not sure what more I can say. I’ve come away with a lot exciting finds in this month’s box, admittedly there is one item I didn’t try but that’s simply because it’s come to the time of year not perhaps when, it’s too warm to eat (I can always eat), but it’s not quite the right time for the kind of food it would be served with. There’s really not that much criticism that I can find, I can’t wait to try the item I missed once summer comes to an end, without meaning to wish the year away, of course!

[Blood Tonic Cordial, Mr Fitzpatricks – RRP: £4.25]
We are loving cordials in the little flat right now – not quite juice and little bit more special than everyday squash. We just picked up a couple of bottles of Belvoir Elderflower Cordial to go towards MoneySupermarket’s upcoming barbecue challenge, but this Blood Tonic Cordial is really something special – without wishing to undersell it, to me it tastes like what can only be described as mixture of (old-school) Tizer and children’s medicine but that’s it’s main selling point. It’s so tasty, a little sweet to have all the time but a great pick me up. Flavrbox recommended to have it with sparkling water but I definitely prefer to treat myself and have it with lemonade instead. I just really wish I fully understood what it actually is.

[Split Dried Fava Beans, Hodmedod’s – RRP: £1.90]
This is the item that I didn’t get around to trying this month. I’ve found it’s been far too warm for any of our usual go-to one-pot dishes and we’ve mainly stuck to salady things. I think they’re going to be great in one of Moon’s signature curries though and I can’t wait to try them.

[Salt Selection Box, Devonshire Gourmet Salts – RRP: £6.00]
I really liked these, I do however have one criticism, I reckon they ought to have packaged these a little better. Unfortunately one of the packages arrived split with salt rattling in the overall box they came in, which is a bit of a shame. I just figured that as the amount provided was so generous and they’re such nice products the packaging was just a little bit of a let down. My favourite was the smoked sea salt, and they’ve been pretty nice for all the tomatoes we’ve been going through, it’s going to be exciting to have them with our home-grown ones.
Any tips on what to actually use them with would be much appreciated.

[Passionfruit Gourmet Marshmallows Little Delicious – RRP: £3.50]
This is about the third lot of marshmallows I’ve received in a Flavrbox and I have to say that these have been the best. They were full of flavour without being overpowering and they were really light – they actually weren’t all that much like marshmallows at all, but they certainly were tasty. Having read Little Delicious’ back-story, I’d actually love to give homemade marshmallows a try, I doubt I could top these beauties but I’d give it a shot (stay tuned for a #pinterestfail).

[Chilli & Garlic // Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt Pitta Chips, Soffle’s – RRP: £3.00]
These are a great idea and after we were talking about how neat they were at work too. I started making homemade nachos a little while ago with the help of Innocent’s HUNGRY, and was going to give pitta chips a try next, then these arrived and gave me a whole heap of other ideas. They were a lot different from what I was expecting but I really liked them. I think I prefered the Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt ones as they seemed to have absorbed the flavour a little better and the Chilli & Garlic ones were a little dry – I’d definitely get some dip for them if I were trying them again. How great is the packaging though? – definitely my favourite this month, so simple but really eye-catching and so cute. ♥

The brochures are getting fancier and fancier every month!
My favourite this month has definitely been the Mr Fitzpatricks’ Blood Tonic Cordial, with the sea salt, purely based on presentation, being my least favourite, but I pretty much like everything, it was definitely the right box for me.

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Have you give Flavrbox a go yet? If so, what did you think?

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