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What We Did.

I think what I mentioned last week about how always being busy was making me super tired did actually finally come to a head last weekend. I mean, Mr. Moon ended up sleeping for 14 hours on Friday so that goes to show how much we really needed a quiet one.

What a marvellous weekend we picked to be exhausted though, the perfect opportunity to enjoy our blooming garden. We ended up doing a bit of shopping in town and I managed to snap up a lovely lacey lavender dress to go to a wedding I’m going to in a few weeks, as well as a couple of other bits of pieces. It’s easy to forget Newbury’s not really such a bad place to be, I mean, we did choose to move here after all. After heading to the cute new Mexican diner, ‘The Taco Shop‘ for lunch, we spent the rest of Saturday afternoon sunning ourselves in the garden and listening XFM before having a little barbecue for two.

It was Icy Lemon Fanta or Fake Desperados, a tough choice but it was like 1pm.

These might not look like much but they really were delicious, the chilli was awesome and as a ‘nacho connoisseur’, I couldn’t recommend The Taco Shop enough, next time we’re going to go for tacos.

A lovely fizzy raspberry drink we picked up from Co-Op when we visited Tom last weekend, it was so refreshing and perfect for a sunny summer day.

Andrew Moon: World Class Cat Botherer.

It was definitely a little warm for my little Doll, I had to put after-sun on her ears, it will be suncream on days like this from now on though.

Another tasty summer drink, Apricot & Peach Rekorderlig, dangerous! ♥

Boy oh boy, does my boy know how to barbecue! ♥

Sunday was about unsuccessful carbooting, getting green things for the flat and driving around aimlessly after discovering there is nothing to do in Lambourn. (Soz, Lambourn, your scenery was pretty though.)

I’m hoping my recent greenfingered success outside will transfer to this little money plant, I’d love it to just grow and grow.

This cactus I got a few months ago has suddenly sprouted funny pink flowers, excited to see what happens next!

I’m absolutely crazy over all the yellow fields around, they’re beautiful.

This probably would have been super cool if it worked, but we were across the road, using my car as a photographer.
We look like mugs, I couldn’t not include it.

Getting seriously no air.

Chicken & Ham Pie with Chilli Green Beans…

…and Strawberries & Ice Cream for pudding. ♥
Even though we like to keep busy I guess sometimes we forget it’s just as fun not to be busy too. Now that the sun’s shining a little less, I’m still happy I sat painting my nails in my back garden over heading to an overcrowded beach – but that’s still on my to-do list at some point.

How did you spend your weekend?

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