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Visiting The Big Smoke.

We’re booked up right up until 21st July with things to do, maybe I should change the name of this blog to ‘things I did at the weekend’. It is great to have the opportunities to go and enjoy our free time in different places after spending all week cooped up at work or in our little flat, but it sure will be nice to have the time to ourselves in a couple of weeks. Last weekend we went to visit our friend Tom, who lives in Dulwich; he was kind enough to show us around his ‘endz’ before letting us be tourists in Soho and China Town on Sunday.

I was really silly and forgot to bring my camera, which I only realised just as we were coming into London so all the snaps I’ve taken here were taken on my phone. I think I did get some neat ones though so I thought they were worth sharing, especially since we visited the cool Soho Flea Market (where I touched a pug), ate some pretty good food and generally had a good time.

Visiting Tom did make me miss the ease of getting around in London and getting to London from New Malden when I lived with my mum, being in a city is just really easy. I volunteered myself as driver, and I don’t think I’ll be doing that again any time soon, I mean, London is great, but driving around it isn’t. The main thing I took away from last weekend was a real distrust in all Sat-Navs, I’m sure Central London is never the fastest route.

We got lunch at a (pretty hipster) little pub called The Actress, they did really nice stonebaked pizzas.

We had a nose around North Cross Vintage, it really did have some neat things, unfortunately it was all a little unnecessarily pricey.

L: I’m very much not down with Coke’s name thing, not one Ruth but we managed to find Sandeep…
Sorry we stole your Coca Cola, Sandeep, but you should write to them and tell them to make some Ruths.
R: A friendly semi-stray that hangs around Tom’s house, his name is Elvis and he’s so old his meow is croaky.

Fancy 3D Specs.

‘Make sure you take it from a higher angle.’

This has far too many ‘likes’ on Facebook 🙁

No bed is long enough for Mr. Moon.

Pretty doors.

Breakfast at Mon Petit Chou
I think the next time I think it’s a good idea to have halloumi, which was delicious, it won’t be when I decide to have a Full English breakfast.

Mr Moon’s Mexican Scrambled Eggs.

Soho Flea Market | So many lovely independent stalls.

I’m so excited to try these but they really do warrant a special occasion [x]


The stall with the best marketing ploy; a cute little girl walking around with an equally cute pug called Mutley [x]

#1 Pug Botherer – I say this because it’s about the third pug I’ve gone up to pet in the last month…

The worst best dim sum in China Town courtesy of London Chinatown.

The last stop of our touristy tour of wonder – M&Ms World, right next to the World War Z premiere, which people were going crazy for, for no reason…

I do wonder whether we spread ourselves a little thin sometimes, but then I think about what a fun time we’ve had and it makes up for going to bed more sleepy on a Sunday night than you were after a full week of work on Friday. This weekend we are having visitors again, but the following weekend we’re taking comedy, live music and maybe going for a walk, just the two of us, maybe our feet will actually touch the floor and we’ll finally feel refreshed.

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