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Super Kawaii!

When we were poodling around China Town during our recent trip to London, we had a little fun with Mr Panda’s Photo Booth. It’s pretty difficult to manage it with four people and I think the prices may have almost doubled since the last time I did it but it’s always nice to have more physical souvenirs at the end of a day out – a couple of these are now on our fridge, but there’s so many I’m not sure where to put the others.

I think they’re fun and I know that there are phone apps that will yield pretty much the same result but where else can you feel cramped and get warm with friends than a photo booth? I think the one on the right on the second line is my favourite.

I’d love to hear about any more Purikura booths, this one is in China Town Market but it is a bit on the expensive side. Saying that, they were nice enough to give us an extra free copy because the first one didn’t print out properly, and that’s hardly something to sniff at; especially seeing as it meant each couple ended up getting a set.

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