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Here are a few snaps of a quick date Moon and I had to celebrate our seventh anniversary together on Saturday night – they’re not really too exciting but I wanted to acknowledge this little milestone.
Very strange to think that we’ve been together this long given that we’re still so young and only really beginning to start our life together. We’ve been through so much and now we’re settled in a flat with a cat, and jobs, I wonder if 16 year old me would accept that we’d still be together this far down the line.

Left: Moon’s distain at realising he doesn’t actually like mojitos.

Apparently this would be our wool and copper anniversary, we don’t really celebrate with gifts, and tend to go our for a meal instead, if it doesn’t fall on Glastonbury which it had in the years previous to last year.

We went to a little Thai restaurant called Studio Thai in Newbury. The food was absolutely amazing, but they do not do a good mojito. I actually managed to get a little tipsy on just 3 quarters of it, I know I don’t go out for drinks very often anymore but that is ridiculous…

After deciding it was too cold and that we didn’t want to hang out with 18 year olds in pubs that were suddenly night clubs, we went home and watched ‘Mama’, not a particularly romantic movie, but it was pretty good, and pretty spooky, a great ending to a nice day of scouting out Glastonbury gear, having a deer visit our garden and waiting until it was really late to go out to eat. I can’t think of a nicer way celebrate seven whole years together. I’m glad to share my home and life with such a patient, caring guy, and I hope I’ll be able to say the same in another 7 years.

L: 2007 – Proof that bad weather in June is not an anomaly. // R: 2008 – An indoor picnic.

L: 2009 – A weekend away in Brighton. // R: 2010 – Our first Glastonbury.

2011 – Glastonbury Take Two – pretty exciting for Take 3 in a matter of days!

L: 2012 – Ready for an evening out at Harry’s // R: 2013. ♥

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