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Photo An Hour: 5/12 – May

May’s Photo An Hour challenge was at the back of my mind for most of the month, but I didn’t get around to doing it until much later than I wanted to. The weather has been so up and down that it’s been difficult to find the motivations to do things when I have had the time. Saying that, looking back, May was a pretty hectic month, with a trip to Ireland, a festival and a whole heap of houseguests, boy have we been busy. These pictures are from last Bank Holiday Monday just before the weather changed again. We decided to take a day trip to Windsor, somewhere we’ve never been before, it was so lovely to wander around somewhere new – I have a whole load of other photos from there to show you in another post soon.

I genuinely do enjoy undertaking this little photo challenge, it’s another example of how blogging helps to keep me inspired. I love Kaylah from The Dainty Squid and Elycia from Love Elycia’s Photo An Hours, and I’m glad to have my own days captured like this too. I’m hoping to try out (and stick with) Fat Mum Slim’s June Photo a Day Challenge this month, I know it’s not a ‘must’ but I always hate the inconsistencies of missing a day and end up giving up. June promises to be another exciting month and I’m looking forward to what it has in store.

10am // Ready to start the day after a fun filled weekend of live music and country fairing, what this really means is that I put the washing out and waited for Mr Moon to awaken from his pit.

11am // Moon puts on his uniform (what, even?!) and we prepare ourselves for a roadtrip.

12pm // Arriving in Windsor. Feels so satisfying to be up and out before a certain time.

1pm // Lunch at the Chocolate Theatre Cafe – Oh my, what a treat!

2pm // Checking out the shops, not the most fun thing to do 4 days before pay day(!)

3pm // Stopping for an ice cream in Alexandra Park before setting off back on the road.

4pm // Treating my little car to a wash on the way home.

5pm // Sorting out photos and my blog like a boss.

6pm // Our new house guest.

7pm // Roast potatoes and BBQ belly pork for tea.

8pm // Getting ready to settle into nail-art mode, something I haven’t done in ages thanks to slow-growing talons.

9pm // Baking cake and help Mr Moon out with his sunburn.

10pm // 1. The final result, a tasty mint-Aero cake
2. Punching a rainbow; I got the inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers after she did different coloured ombre gradients on each nail, it reminded me of tie-dye so I thought I’d go a little further, it’s definitely a new design to obsess over (I’ve already done it one more time since).
3. Bad Film Club commences; we watched The Tall Man, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hello, sunny weather again for the weekend, how lovely! We’re off to London for today and tonight to stay with a friend, I’m looking forward to a proper catch up.

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