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Number 9.

Am I a Dry the River superfan yet?

I’m actually not sure I want to be, I can’t think of anything worse than being known to people in a band for just always being there. Going to a gig is a really weird concept, if you think about it, you’re essentially going out to stand in a dark room to watch people perform, something about that has never really sat right – that being said, it’s still something I enjoy doing, and I’m super proud to proclaim to anyone who’ll listen that I’ve seen Dry the River nine times in the last two years.

South Street Arts was a great venue to see them in and brought me back to seeing them at The Cricketers all those months ago – a little bigger though, as the band didn’t have to carry their equipment back out through the crowd once they’d finished. It was great to see them in a small space again is I guess what I’m trying to say, with no barriers so (say, if I was creepy) I could have touched them.

They sounded as amazing as they always do, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they always sound better live. I mean, their album is one of my favourites but it’s incomparable to their live shows, they’re heavier and it just feels like they’re putting out a little more. They played a couple more new songs than the last time we saw them, and I like them all, I just want physical copies so I can get to know them as well as I know the ones on Shallow Bed.

I was very impressed with their support too, a guy called Matt who plays under the name Big Fin. He gave me major ‘first time I saw Dry the River’ feels, I was just blown away by his voice, it’s beautiful. Without meaning to sound judgemental it was a little unexpected from an awkward beardy man who I’m pretty sure I had questioned over Steve Zissou-channelling at Dot-to-Dot. He’s usually just Dry the River’s guitar-tech but they finally let him support him and I hope they let him do it again because I’d really love to hear more. His E.P is only four tracks long and for just £4, I’m not complaining, but this guy needs an album.

Sometimes when I take my camera places I do feel a little disjointed, not a good trait to have if you’re a ‘qualified photographer’, this was an example of such a time. It’s all about getting over myself a bit I think though, and I think I managed to get a few good ones (even if they’re basically the same as last time, I really need to see some other bands).

So close, we could sit on the stage(!)


Big Fin.

Totally had a similar picture re-tweeted by the DtR Twitter, until someone chickened out and deleted it.
Not my problem you’re not ready to face your alcoholism…

Feet of Dry the River.

The vest is back, along with some sweet moves!

Always appreciative of a bit of mime.

For their encore they played a new song called ‘Husk’, Matt whipped out a pair of scissors for it and it made some nice sounds.

Maybe nine times is a little excessive but we’ve got to make it a nice round 10 when we see them at Glastonbury in just over a week’s time (eep!). If they weren’t always playing and didn’t sound so good then we wouldn’t always see them – more bands definitely need to be as accessible as these guys, I mean going away for just five months to work on a new album, they don’t waste any time.

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