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Friday Finds.

I hadn’t actually planned making this a weekly thing, but I figured I would at least do it today because it’s been a little while and I have a few things to share with you. As well as winning tickets to Taste of London, this has generally been a pretty great week for food, I’ve cooked proper teatime food every day this week and I’m very proud to be eating so well — that being said, I have kind of being eating all round me a little too so I feel like I should probably pipe down on that front for a little bit.

I have a couple of fun things happening this weekend, we’re off to see Josh Widdecombe (off the telly!) in a bit at New Greenham Arts Centre, I’ve seen him before and he’s very funny, I’m very curious to see what the venue will look like. We’re also off to see Dry the River for the ninth time tomorrow, this time with just them and a support at an apparently small venue in Reading. I’m looking forward to in generally because my ears do seem to need a regular top up of their beautiful live performances but also because it’s been ages since we saw just them, with the last few times being as part of festivals, which isn’t quite the same.

Slightly more mundane things that are happening this weekend include; turning the flat upside down in a cleaning frenzy, doing a test run of our new Glastonbury tent we bought last weekend and maybe going on a little walk if the weather’s nice. I also plan on at least one lie-in, it’s been a major struggle waking up before 7am nearly every day this week, I really need to catch some zzzs.

[Help Ink]
Reason number 1 for wanting to move, although a little unreasonable is that we’ve run out of wallspace for pretty things, I like the pretty art work we have but I just really need some more…

I picked up Eightbear’s lovely ‘Bears’ print when we went to Soho Flea Market a couple of weeks ago but it was really this print that caught my eye first. The ‘Bears’ print is now nicely framed in our bedroom, replacing a print that I liked but Moon didn’t – sometimes relationships are about compromise. Sadly when I saw this print in real life, it was just a *smidge* too big for any free frames we had, see? We need more wallspace. I think this would be lovely for a nursery, not that I’m feeling particularly broody or nesty, I just think this is cute and that I could have easily hoarded it if paper wasn’t so flimsy…

[Zara Home]
How great is this cushion cover? Sometimes I really wish I was a bit more matchy-matchy when it came to my interior design choices, and I think the time is approaching where I need to at least think about some new cushion covers for the lounge, but then, I like having lots of different things and this definitely would go with my general animal/cutesy theme that I’ve unintentionally run throughout my home.

[From London With Love]
Although I get on much better with large bags, it is pretty handy to have a tiny one with your essentials in for a night out. This one is so cute! I love the colour but I don’t think I actually own anything that is this colour at the moment. I think £25 for a real leather satchel, even if it is tiny is pretty reasonable too!


[Kinship Goods]
This is such a cute t-shirt! It would certainly make bringing Doll up with strangers a lot easier. 🙂
I hope you have a great weekend!

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