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One thing that’s not so bad about all this rain is that it’s good for the garden. So on the rare days the sun does show it’s face, it’s such a lovely space to relax in. Now that things are coming out, I’m so pleased to be able to pick flowers that are ‘just there’ and decorate our little flat with them. I must admit that I’m very much not a gardener, however much I enjoy looking at and being around flowers, but I do get a little jolt of excitement when I see our little shoots coming up.

Lilac is one of my favourite flowers, the smell is divine, I’m so pleased to have it in such abundance thanks to our fancy lilac tree. ♥

We have bluebells in the funniest of places, just popping up in the middle of the gravel is one odd place. But having seen a lot of them in really unobvious places around Newbury, and with no real knowledge, I’m just going to guess that they’re super hardy, which is not something to complain about.

I might start using rosemary all the time out of principal, not quite yet, but I’m so happy this little bush my Gran got me has more than doubled in size. I’m hoping for a few flowers so it will bring more bees to the garden.

These were leftovers from lettuce plants we bought from Lidl, it’s so exciting that they’ve really taken, soon we’ll be able to stop buying lettuce!

With all these little shoots, I’ve forgotten a lot of what I’ve planted, so I guess that’s something else exciting, it will be interesting to see what lives.

We bought a strawberry plant last year and thought it just died – it gave us one fruit which came up mouldy – but actually it didn’t, it stayed green and is now blossoming again, along with another plant that we bought this year. The thought of growing our own fruit to eat is the best.

A photo of Doll’s dorky face for good measure.

…and another just because.
Have you had any success growing your own? It does bring a slight sense of achievement even if I’m not the one trimming, watering or generally concentrating… (oops, sorry, Mr Moon(!)) ♥

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