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Festival Goodness!

This time tomorrow I’ll be enjoying the feels from being at the greatest music festival in the world. Glastonbury is just a day away! I’m by no means a festival veteran, I’ve found Glastonbury and I know I never really want to go to anywhere else. After doing Reading last year, I know that all the walking and the mud is still worth it, Glastonbury is the place to be.

I’ve seen a mixture of festival-fashion related things recently, and I honestly have come to realise it’s never been something I’ve paid attention to – I’d just advise on warm clothes, leggings and comfortable shoes. Festivals are one of the few places I don’t think you should be particularly bothered about what you look like and I pretty much wear what I like anyway but it becomes really obvious how little things like that really matter when you go to somewhere like Glastonbury.

I like to think that I’ve learnt a fair amount from my two trips to Glasto, we’re so organised this year, our trolley (not making the mistake of not bringing one for the third time in a row) is all packed up and we have everything we could possibly need, right down to washing up liquid and a drying up cloth. I was pretty pleased with the feedback I got from my ‘Festival Essentials’ post before I headed off to Reading last August, but since I’m not really packing anything much differently I figured it was a little unnecessary to do another one. However, I thought it was a good chance to share a few of my favourite Glasto-related pictures (and one video) from previous years.

This year, I’m taking a bit more 35mm as well as my (literally crumbling to pieces) compact digital camera – I can’t wait!

A (very long) short film I made of our last Glastonbury experience.
I’ve got a couple of posts scheduled for the next couple of days from a few unrelated things just to keep everything in a nice, logical order, but other than that I’ll be spending the rest of the day getting everything in order for my cat-sitters and making sure I’ve not missed anything.

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