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So, I’m very aware that it’s now June and that it’s a Monday and these are two things that should mean that I’m looking forward to new things. I am, and I pretty much always am, but I couldn’t not show you these photos from last weekend of our little afternoon outing to Windsor, especially after only sharing a couple for May’s Photo An Hour.

It’s days like this that make me really realise how big a part the sun plays in my motivation to do things, it just seems to make everything so much easier. Windsor sure was a pretty place to visit, the castle makes such a stunning centrepiece, I definitely want to go back again and check it out properly.

A little boat trip is definitely another thing on my list of things to do next time I visit Windsor.

Stumbling upon beautiful old books in Eton charity shops.

One of many fancy post boxes.

Good chalky font feels.


Seeing new places as a tourist can be fun sometimes, and this definitely made a little difference from being touristy in London – something we actually did last weekend, but more on that later. These mini-roadtrips around England sure are fun, I guess having my own car isn’t so bad after all, even if Mr Moon is one of the worst backseat drivers…

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