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Ducks, Puppies, Boats, Oh My!

With last year’s Newbury Waterways Festival being such a hit with us last year, we were pretty pleased to see it return last Sunday. Sadly the weather wasn’t nearly as nice as it was last time and I was actually bordering on chilly, but the duck race was just as amusing and we even bet on a few this time around.

Pup on a table. ♥

I wore super-apt attire, with a pretty nautical silk scarf my mum got for me and a new stripey dress from Primark.

I thought the feed bags on these hobby horses were super-cute!

Looking super-Chinesey with my ‘close enough’ ice cream cone from the Victoria Park kiosk.

SO PUMPED! – not quite as much passion as the lady in the kayak curating the race, you go, your passion for the duck race was unsurpassable.

You know me, I basically like anything where I can be nosey and eye-up cute dogs all afternoon, so I was pretty happy, even if I was desperate to rush home and warm up with a cuppa as soon as the ducks crossed the finish line.

I really like the sense of community you get in Newbury sometimes, with my feet itching to perhaps move somewhere new in the not to distant future, I can’t help but think that it’s something I’d miss if/when we did move.

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