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Cat Bothering.

*Insert gratuitous speil about cute cat here*I don’t think I’m ever going to get bored of my little lady, she’s truly got her own personality, I just hope she’s accommodating to her cat-sitters (my Gran & sister) while we’re away. Her insistance on waking us up really early just for a cuddle and being super-excited that we’re home from work but not really being bothered with us any other time apart from when we need chasing or to feed her, she’s still far from boring.

I don’t really understand people who are cat or dog ‘people’, I think because generally I’m an ‘animal person’, but I know somewhere (even if it is deep down) she feels something for us.

I know he wouldn’t admit it, but there are times Moon feels as smitten with her as I am. Now she’s completely calmed down and we’re used to her quirks, he loves nothing more than a play fight with her and she’s usually more than happy to play along.

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