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Vouchercloud: Summer Fashion Tips

Lovely Ben from vouchercloud got in touch with me after reading my post about 30 Ways to Save £1 and asked if it would be cool to do a guest post. I guess it’s not something I’d ever really thought about before, but definitely something I’d be willing to consider in the future, if it’s relevant, obviously. So here’s a quick little piece about some must-haves for men and women now that the weather is picking up and it’s time for ice cream and getting accidental sunburn (I’m okay with flip flops though(!)).
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Summer is the time to make a statement and one of the best ways to do this is through your wardrobe. Ruth has given me the opportunity to provide some of the hottest fashion trends under the sun this summer for both sexes, so don your sunglasses and bring out the floral dresses. You never know, we might even get some sunshine.

For the ladies
Monochrome – One of this summer’s early favourites is monochrome, which is basically rocking an entire outfit in black and white. The catwalks have been dominated by sleek and sexy monochrome garments and the stars of entertainment have been getting into the swing of things too, with the likes of Kate Middleton, Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone all adopting the look on the red carpet.
The main attraction of monochrome is what you can do with it. Stripes are also big this summer so you could go for a striped dress with a leather jacket or a smart cream jacket over dark leggings/tights with heels.

Floral Print – This design is as popular as ever with dresses, silk shirts and even shoes with floral patterns. Many see floral as the true festival look, which is always complimented by a pair of sunglasses. Floral skirts are especially popular this season.

Summer Sunnies – It is really down to personal preference when it comes to sunglasses. You have the classic Ray Bans, aviators and a host of new designs and styles, including cat eye and decoration. Cat eye sunglasses adopt a classic 50s style with rising peaked frames making you stand out from the crowd. Decoration styled glasses bring out the Lady Gaga in you, with bright and bold designs and colours attached to the frames.

For the chaps:
Gingham Check Shirts – These can be worn in long-sleeve and short-sleeve, but personally I would recommend the short-sleeve option if the sun is shining. Designers have produced a wide range of styles and colours and dependent on your style, you can opt to button up to the neck or open the collar. Gingham check shirts look great with a pair of lightweight indigo denim shorts or trousers.

Pastels – These soft colours are brilliant either as shorts and tee-shirts or as a lightweight trousers and jacket look. Pastels also allow you to show off your shiny metallic watch or bracelet and work really well with a pair of bold dark Ray Bans.

Kicks – Flip flops are out, so don’t even consider it unless you are on a beach in Cornwall. Daps will go well with most summer outfits but don’t just get any old generic cheap pair, Vans have a great range of flats with or without thick soles. Alternatively summer brogues are a good option with pastels but don’t go for these with shorts, it’s far too bold!

So there you have it. No excuses to look dull this summer. Enjoy your sunny days and free time while looking your best this season.

Author Bio: Ben Walker is an SEO thought-leader at vouchercloud, who specialises in digital content, relationship management and fashion.

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