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It would appear that I can’t keep away from Bristol, twice in one month – apparently this is what the convenience of having a car has done to me. Coinciding with a visit from my sister and a need to pop to Ikea, we chose to pop to Bristol for the day. Here are some photos from then, and a Sunday afternoon spent carbooting. They’re a bit of a mish-mash but I wanted to share them all the same.

Pretty excited to pop back to Bristol for the Gromit Showcase in July.

Oh hey, Friday, what took you so long? I’m off to Ireland tomorrow for the Bank Holiday Weekend, which is a little odd because it feels like another country because you have to go on a plane but not for very long. We’re visting Moon’s dad and Moon’s showing me the sights. I’ve got a lot of ties to Ireland so I’ve been before but never to this area, I’m excited to be by the sea, but I know it’s going to be chilly, I sure hope we see some sunshine.

I’m going to use the extra time off to do a bit of designing but I’m looking forward to a bit of touristy stuff even if we’re only there briefly.

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