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Right Here, Right Meow!

I’m really never sorry about lots of cats on my blog, in fact, the more cats the better, and that’s tends to be a general life-rule. I actually feel like I’ve been trying to tone it down a little recently (although that’s a matter of opinion) but I’m so pleased with these recent purchases from the Cats Protection Open Day, they’re a pretty satisfactory consolation prize for not being able to bring a real cat home.

These two big guys now reside in my garden, I’ve found myself easily confusing the white one for my real cat when hanging the washing out, just as it enters my peripherals. I think they’re so cute, I do long for the days of a knick-knack shelf, but the kitschy little blue-eyed one is sitting pretty on our bookshelf at the minute, a great accompaniment to my Turkish cat I got last year.

She’s becoming quite the cheeky climber, while we were out the garden the other day she was even just relaxing in the tree, I see hunting on the horizon :O

Cat hair gets everywhere!

After being flicked in the face with earth, not cool, Mr Moon!
I figured I’d mix up ceramic cats with my real cat, who I really am a little crazy about…
Have you found any neat must-haves at any jumble sales or car-boots lately? This was definitely a case of ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’ but was all the better for donating to charity at the same time.

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