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Music Monday #3.

It’s hard to keep up with myself, how has another Music Monday come around already? The weekend was a pretty big one for music, I think it’s a pretty good effort to manage to see five bands in a day, I’ve been feeling a little more like listening to guitars and soft vocals recently and a mixture of the familiar and the new, which I suppose is fairly standard for me really.

1. Volume 3She & Him
I’ve been listening to She & Him a lot recently, which I guess is why they’re here. I totally didn’t ‘get’ Zooey’s voice when I first gave them a listen after falling in love with ‘New Girl’, but now I do and I love her more than ever. Their songs have a lovely, old-fashioned tone that I can’t get enough of and this album is even better than the previous two, I just think the production is much more in point. I’m excited to see if they make the trip over to the United Kingdom to perhaps do a few live shows here, it would be good if they weren’t at The O2 too (or were generally away from London).

2. For Emma, Forever AgoBon Iver
I watched ‘Place Beyond the Pines’ last weekend and after hearing ‘The Wolves’ during the end credits, I decided they needed a little more credit and attention than I’d given them previously. I mean sure, ‘Skinny Love’ is a great song, but it’s far from their best and ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ as an album is just so easy to get immersed in.

3. Pedestrian VerseFrightened Rabbit
I get the feeling I’ve been feeling a little deeper than I feel like I actually have, in a musical sense anyway. ‘Pedestrian Verse’ seemed to be unavailable on Spotify for ages and although I’ve listened to it properly in Moon’s car a few times, it’s only recently that I’ve been able to properly take it in, and I’d definitely say it lives up to everyone’s hype.

4. Shallow BedDry the River
This is kind of a given, I’m not excited to hear more new things now as the songs on Shallow Bed were old to me even before the album came out (can’t believe I just said that), and their new stuff is exciting. The same, but some how different with a little more Americana influence, I sure hope they play more of their new songs when we see them again in a couple of weeks!

5. Third Generation HymnalVenna
These guys were a total accidental find, and you can definitely skip ‘Oh No’, a creepy, annoying track, but they have a beautiful version of Sara Siskind’s ‘Lovin’s For Fools’, a song I can’t get enough of and am in love with since (sorry, not sorry for mentioning them again) hearing Dry the River’s version. It’s just so full of desperation, it’s beautiful.

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