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Music Monday #2

I’ve been mixing a little of the old with the new in the last couple of weeks. This playlist kind of reflects the kind of stuff I usually find myself either singing at the top of my lungs to, or having on in the background while doing other things.

Love the way this starts and GIVERS’ album ‘In Light’ is one that I can’t get enough of, it just feels really summery to me, something that’s definitely needed now that the weather is better but still can’t quite make up it’s mind. ‘In Light’ is my go-to album when at work at the moment.

2. First LoveThe Maccabees
‘Colour It In’ is the album that made me fall so hard for The Maccabees, and as The Maccabees are my full-on favourite band, it makes sense that it’s an album I often tend to pick songs from whatever the situation. ‘First Love’ is easily in my top songs of theirs, and the video is both sad and happy, one of the best combinations. Sometimes sharing favourite things is a little awkward though isn’t it, but I’d love to think you’d grow to love them, even if it’s not as much as I do.

3. Let Her GoPassenger
I haven’t actually listened to the radio in a while, but last time I did, ‘Let Her Go’ was Greg James’ ‘big thing’ and I was instantly hooked when I heard it. Passenger’s other songs on ‘All the Little Lights’ are great too, but it’s still that song that sticks out for me, there’s a reason why it’s a hit – I’d also recommend that you check out his earlier album ‘Flight of the Crow’ on Spotify, it’s compiled of such beautiful duets.

4. 5 Years TimeNoah and the Whale
It’s been a big time of reflection lately and this song really makes me think about how things move quickly. With Noah and the Whale’s new album coming out recently I’ve been looking back on them and remembering how much I used to really like them. I think I might have forgotten about them because they were so sad before being too happy, ‘Peaceful the World Lays Me Down’ is a great album though and not just for uplifting twee songs like ‘5 Years Time’ either.

5. Never Fade AwaySpector
It’s a shame the only time I’ve managed to see these guys live was at Reading last year, it was dampened a little by the fact that they were congratulating those (incredibly young) people who had just got their GCSE results but I listened to their album non-stop for a week once we got home. ‘Enjoy it While it Lasts’ really is a brilliant album, definitely the one right now for getting pumped in the morning and singing along.

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