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Last Tuesday saw me finishing work early and heading all the way back to Dorking for my cousin’s 21st birthday. I know she’s not really all that much younger than me, but it’s so strange to me that she has finally reached the grand age of 21, especially since it really doesn’t feel all that long since it was my 21st birthday – I’ll be seeing in my 24th in a matter of months (eeep!). Although we do get together in clusters, it’s pretty rare that everyone makes an appearance so it was great (even if my sister didn’t manage to make it) that we were all able to be there.

I love my auntie’s interior design, I’ve totally had my eye on similar string lights for ages.

Speaking of realising how quickly people grow up, I don’t recall the last time I saw my twin cousins, but they certainly weren’t full-on toddlers before. Luckily this time they didn’t make us all ill, I can’t believe how blonde they are, or how mischievous. It’s lovely to see their sister turning into a real little lady, but it makes me feel so old to see them grow up so fast.

Of course, it’s just as important to pay as much, if not more, attention to your animal-hosts when attending any kind of gathering.I do relish in catching up with my family, I only wish moments like these lasted a little longer. Perhaps it would have been more relaxing if it wasn’t on a weeknight, but it did mean the day felt longer and that I wasn’t just pottering around the flat looking for things to do. I look forward to summer, when the days are longer and there are more opportunities to spend evenings like this.

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