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We had a wonderful afternoon on Sunday at the Berkshire Country Fayre, a great showcase of all things agricultural in Berkshire. There were so many amazing dogs, and if you’ve taken note of my main reason behind going to carboots, then you might realise I was pretty much in my element. There were dog shows, car displays and even a (super cringey) Young Farmer’s Parade. I really impressed Moon with how actually fun it was and I’m really glad our friends Kirstin and Dan, who also joined us for Dot-to-Dot, had a good time too – who wouldn’t? There was hog roast(!)

I’m feeling a little smug because Moon got sunburn and I didn’t, but what a brilliant day, frolicking on tractors, bumping on dodgems and basking in the sunshine. If only every weekend could be this chill and the sun could shine all the time.

Tiny sleeping lamb ♥

Mr Moon’s hoping for chickens, something I’ve always been for, we just haven’t plucked up the courage to ask our landlady yet.

I wish we’d picked up these cute wooden mushrooms for the garden, will definitely note to myself to pick things like this up rather than come back to them later.

Tiny birds of prey.

Young Farmer’s Parade; complete with Mr Bean!

Oh hai! ♥

All kinds of sausage!

So much love for wool(!)

Bit weird.

So happy to have a snow cone.

Ghost Dog, Echo.

Making new friends.

I don’t think I remember ever really having one of these before, at least, not for a long time anyway, it was so tasty, oh my. Something I just wanted to eat all over again once I’d finished.

Have you ever taken in your local agricultural fair? We were pleasantly surprised and it definitely has us thinking about looking around for a few more, they’re a great day out and a fun way to take in local culture. Perhaps that’s a little odd considering we’re not ‘real’ locals, but Berkshire is beginning to grow on me the longer I am away from leafy, familiar Surrey.

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