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Bank Holz.

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I feel like this last week has been about a year long which I think is down to being so tired, so I’m pretty pleased to have 3 whole days in a row off, even if it’s just to sleep in until 8am.
We have some pretty great plans for the Bank Holiday, not quite as elaborate as popping over to Ireland like the beginning of the month but I’m really looking forward to everything.

Tomorrow we’re heading to one-day festival Dot to Dot in Bristol. I’m mainly going to see Dry the River, the same reason I went to Gathering, but I still think it’s great value at £20 and I’m looking forward to seeing a few other acts too so it definitely sounds like my kind of thing. I’ve been psyching myself up by listening to a few new finds from the line up in the last couple of weeks, I’m a little gutted to be missing Matthew & Me over Dry the River, as it will be my eighth time seeing the latter, but I’m sure with Matthew & Me’s recording with bigshot Bruno Ellington, there will be more opportunities to see them in the future.

We’re also thinking of making plans to head over to the Berkshire Country Fayre, so maybe we’re the country bumpkins many of our friends claim we are, and perhaps catching a film. I’m so pleased to be at home to enjoy this long weekend, hopefully the lack of activity planned for Monday will mean I’ll be able to return to work fully refreshed and less exhausted than I’ve been feeling lately.

Have you got any neat plans for the Bank Holiday?

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