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Afternoon for Cats.

As I mentioned before, on Saturday, Moon and I took ourselves over to the Newbury Cats Protection Open Day. I was reminded constantly that it wasn’t to get another cat – although it would be brilliant for Doll to have a friend, realistically we just don’t have the space to commit to another kitty at the moment. We went mainly for something to do, but also because I just like anything where I can be near animals and I love a bit of bric-a-brac, it was just a bonus that we were helping to raise some money to help out with the cats there.

The setting and surrounding area of the adoption centre is lovely, definitely somewhere I’d love to have a little walk around.
The main motivator for going was that I’d entered some pictures of Doll into the Newbury Cats Protection calendar competition. I’m not sure what it meant as we missed the drawing of the winners but all three of the photographs I entered had wound up on a display board, I was pretty chuffed to have them on display for people to coo over in the same way I was over others.

We didn’t investigate but it looked as though they were serving food too, it was just a shame we’d already eaten.

Cat Calendar Competition Pinboard.

I loved this guy, he looks like a grumpier, bigger version of Doll.

So many great pieces of cat-related bric-a-brac. ♥

One of a couple of purchases – made me so happy ♥

Rufas was our favourite of the day, sadly he’s missing a tail because it was infected I would have cuddled him forever, I love his cross face.

This little lady was adorable too; weird that so many of the cats were either black or black & white.
If you want to donate to Cats Protection or sponsor a cat, most regions have their own site to do this, and also include listings for cats that are available for adoption. Newbury Cats Protection even have their own Amazon Wishlist so you can be sure that you’re donating items that the charity actually needs.

What a great event, I look forward to future ones and will definitely go to the next one. I did end up just wanting to take all the sweet cats home, surprisingly I actually found myself drawn a lot more to the older cats, feeling a little saddened when it was announced by the following day that all kittens had been reserved with no mention of any older cats I’d seen. I will definitely be sponsoring, it’s really quite astonishing that people can just abandon their pets – it’s really confirmed to me that it’s much better to rescue an animal than buy one.

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