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World Class Wormer.

I’m constantly baffled by how my little cat can be so sweet and lovely but also be so gross and such a tom boy.
She doesn’t care if she’s muddy or wet and she hates having her hair brushed even though she probably needs it more than some cats and it’s more comfortable for her in the long run. But aside from her skittish, bi-polar behaviour, she also love, love loves to bring us worms and now it’s warmer but still a bit wet we’re getting around 5 a night, much more than we were when she first started doing it.

I thought I’d share these photos with you from the other night, because it always happens at night time, to show you what a total oddball she is even if she is a cutie.

I think it’s because she has a great disadvantage when hunting normal things like birds so I guess she just tries her best with what she can, and I can tell she tries pretty hard because she sometimes comes back with a face full of mud.

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