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Stay Smart.

So, when payday rolled around at the beginning of the month I treated myself to a couple of pairs of new shoes – in addition to a bargain £3 pair of leopard print Primark pumps. I wanted some shoes that were a little smarter than the trainers I’ve been knocking around in (but they had to be kind of ugly too).

Left:// Red or Dead, Schuh
Right:// Office

I’ve been after a pair of schooly sandals for ages but hadn’t seen any that had really made me want to part with my money, this green pair from Red or Dead were a great decision though. They’re so comfortable and didn’t need any wearing in, which I’m so glad about due to the price tag. I always find it’s a bit of a bummer when you spend a bit more money on shoes than you would like only to have them rub your feet for weeks. I’m really looking forward to wearing these minus socks if it ever decides to get warmer(!)

These tapestry flatforms were a real steal at just £13.50, they are a tiny bit bigger than advertised but I still really like them as they’re completely different from any other pair of shoes I own. Are flatforms still a big deal? I’ve found it pretty hard to find a pair that have the right balance of ugly and neat. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that once I wear them in a little more they won’t slip so easily off my feet when I’m walking because that’s a bit of a problem at the moment.

Have you picked up any pretty ugly shoes recently? I’m a big fan.

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