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Shiny Spring: A Mini Etsy Wishlist

My recent spring cleaning kick (read: never not mopping the kitchen floor and generally running up and down the flat like a mad woman) has had me really in the mood for a declutter, which in my mind kind of means a bit of a reclutter once it’s all done – which means I’ve spent a lot of time looking around for lovely home things – I’m super into storage right now, so I can hide the stuff I wasn’t feeling mean enough to get rid of.

Etsy was a pretty good place to start – and Pinterest, I’ve been ‘pinning’ a lot more than usual – and it’s spring, and it’s been winter forever so I figured I’d share some of my favourite Etsy spring finds with you – I realise they’re not necessarily ‘springy’ but I love the bright pastel colourways that finally become acceptable once this lovely season arrives. I’m so looking forward to getting rid of the stuff that I never even used before I moved let alone since.

[Boy-Girl Tees]
Apart from the occassional bunch of flowers to brighten up the place, the only plant I have inside my home is one very sad looking spider plant, my mum did help me bring it back to life a bit and I’m hoping with time it will grow and now I’m hoping for more. I noticed how many lovely plants my Gran has, and I know it’s my Gran and that’s what old ladies do but it really lifts my mood to see greenery and I think I’ve learnt from my mistake.

[Handcraft Nepal]
The last piece of ‘furniture’ that I really want is a rug, and a nice one. This Etsy shop makes these felt ball rugs to order and I think they’re so nice. I’ve seen a few huge ones in John Lewis but I like the idea of measuring and picking colours to match my space.

[Bluebird Lab]
I love the spring colours of this necklace, apart from my sweet Designosaur necklace I haven’t really had any new jewellery for a little while and a big clear out is in order/in progress.

[Cabin + Cub Design]
Now I’ve gotten use to opening my sunroof, I really don’t want to see the sun go again (see: this weekend’s weather report), I think it’s safe to say that this is a must-have mantra for anyone living in the UK – a perfect springtime piece though and great for April showers. Definitely big into wooden things at the moment, I think it’s the traditional mixed with the contemporary that gets me.

[2nd Shot]
I’ve felt super-cool driving to work in my sunglasses all week, I love my sunglasses, but how neat are these ones? They’re made from recycled skateboards and you’d never know, but now you do, I think that makes them even better!

[Julie Nolan]
I love this Leo constellation necklace, might have to put in on my birthday wishlist, such a cute idea.

Just before Christmas I picked up similar educational fish poster, it now hangs majestically in our bathroom and I just love the style. This one would look great in our front room and I really like the original-looking holders.

[Nash Pop]
Eep! How sweet are this kitties? If it’s not plants and flowers, it’s nick nacks. I would really love the patience to start a collection, and the space.

Have you been decluttering your life or at least your living space? Is getting rid of things to make room for new things something you do too? (I’m trying to get Moon to see my logic and justification, really I just think he hates me always tidying)

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