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Pier of the Year.

For the second part of our West Country adventure, we went to visit our friend Simon in his hometown of Clevedon, a pretty little town about half an hour outside of Bristol. It’s just a pity that the weather wasn’t on our side because we didn’t even get to go on the famed ‘Pier of the Year’. Simon did take us on a nice coastal walk along Poet’s Walk after having lunch though so it was a really lovely afternoon.

I’m a little jealous of the pretty Clevedon Pier photos I spotted on Flickr after our visit, but I think this one’s not too bad considering I papped it through the barred entrance (because Moon’s a little bit of a cheapskate).

There were so many excitable wet dogs running up and down, I liked this one best. ♥

Isn’t it great to finally see some flowers blossoming? I wonder if it’s alright to plant out my seeds yet.

Can you tell I just love a good Sunday walk, apparently I like to fit one in wherever I am.

Don’t tell anyone this, but I might actually have started to enjoy driving, it’s so good to go places on my terms whenever I want, even if some other drivers are terrifying I’m getting over it. I’m so proud of myself for driving during our whole trip and all the way home. Even with a boyfriend who is the worst back seat (passenger seat) driver, it’s really not so bad.

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