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Not Tuesday.

Here are a couple of photos from the weekend, I tend to feel a little guilty when I post about the weekend at this time of the week, I mean it’s Wednesday tomorrow, I need to get it together.

This last weekend was lovely and spent back in Surrey with family. I went to Crawley with Moon and his Mum like pre-flat-teenage times and had long ‘look at the time’ chats with my Gran. I watched a terrible film called ‘Butterfly on a Wheel’, which was just Gerard Butler asking Pierce Brosnan the same question over and over up until the last 15 minutes and I popped over to Pease Pottage Car Boot on Sunday – sadly the Rusper one wasn’t on even though I hoped in my heart of hearts that it was.

We also did something new; Moon’s mum came to my Gran’s for Sunday lunch and we had a lovely meal my Gran, my Mum, Moon, his Mum and me – my Gran really does know how to cook even if she thinks she doesn’t really. I drove the whole weekend so was nearly all driven out by the time we got home, especially as the way home involves some of my regular day-to-day commute but I had a swell time and I think I did a pretty good job handling the bumpy, windy country roads of Mole Valley.

My first breakfast of the weekend was Baked Cinnamon French Toast from a recipe I read on A Beautiful Mess – I’m far too into ‘pinning’ recipes at the moment, so many tasty things to eat. This wasn’t so bad but sadly not nearly as nice as it sounded. Moon also made me a raspberry & banana smoothie but there was kiwi in it too and it tasted weird. #breakfastfail

Moon was loving my car’s sunroof (see above left), and we blared Yeah Yeah Yeahs all the way ‘home home’ – definitely blaming him for this week’s current obsession with them (mainly Karen O).

Few things better on a sunny Sunday morning than eating my Gran’s marmalade on toast and wearing a dress covered in lemons

Spending time with my best girl, she was all about cuddles and getting all up on my face – best!

Lovely buds.

Anywhere I can go where I can just creep on dogs is the best in my books. I love car boot sales!

Even though we weren’t at Pease Pottage Car Boot late a lot of the places were closing up, even the fruit and veg stall. I’d promised my Gran I would pick her up some carrots so we stopped at the loveliest farm shop on the way back and I made a couple of friends ♥

It was really reasonably priced, and looked like a great place for afternoon tea. A little more upmarket than Sheeplands but definitely somewhere I hope to pop back to when we’re next in the area.

Sunday starter.

Two useful things the fruit and veg man did have left was oranges and chillis, we now have more chillis than we know what to do with.

Getting home meant making the most of the weekend’s last few hours of daylight by tidying up the garden, we now have enough (clean) chairs for all our friends when they come over – fingers crossed for BBQ weather – and a more respectable flowerbed.

Little Doll and Roof Cat appear to have made friends, at least Doll really wanted to play with her but she was having none of it (definitely time to get her a friend, Mr Moon!)

The beginnings of my decluttering and my babe’s forever confused little face – she’s back to being the sweetest again. ♥

I’m on a major spring cleaning kick at the moment, even just doing a couple of things in the garden have made everything feel like it has a bit more order. There are going to be lots of things off to charity shops and popping on eBay in the next couple of weeks I think. I think it’s down to living here for a whole year (our anniversary was on Sunday) and having a few things that were just plonked in places rather than given a real home. I really do love our little flat, I just think there’s still a bit to do, especially if we’re staying here a litte while longer than we initially planned.

Being in the spring cleaning mood has got me thinking about my little blog too, I’m really not happy with its look and I know it’s about finding the time but I’m going to make time for it, so expect to see a little jiggle around coming up to. Spring is definitely in the air – but thank goodness Little Doll is over her spring fever!

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