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Currently trying to think about and work on things I blog about regularly to come up with a more consistent theme – which is why I’ve stripped a few things away in the meantime.

Music Monday is always something that I’ve wanted to be a part of but I’m a pretty inconsistent person when it comes to listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, I love music but I’ll go a week of nearly always being plugged in, and then not make the effort to select a song I like for another couple of weeks. Now I have a car, this has changed me a little as I usually listen to the radio on my way to or from work and if I don’t like that, then I’ll pop a CD on.

All that being said, my music tastes this week have surprised me quite a bit. I’ve been listening to what in my head I would refer to as ‘boy music’, because it’s mostly consisted of bands I roll my eyes at when Moon tells me about them but then secretly listen to and really enjoy – and She & Him and The Lumineers because I’ve been feeling both macho as well as twee.

I’ve actually taken it upon myself to listen to real albums more than once from start to finish this week too, something I never do, I’m a shuffler – it’s definitely something that can get annoying when it’s tracks that flow into each other but I just don’t care.

1. It’s Blitz – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We listened to this all the way ‘home home’ a couple of weekends ago and I almost haven’t stopped playing it since. I pretend not to like them but after having this on constantly, I think Yeah Yeah Yeahs might have moved up my list slightly. The album is great for driving generally, but I’ve also found it goes really well with the sunny weather we’ve been having and is really motivating me to get through my work. My favourite songs are probably ‘Zero’, ‘Dull Life’ and ‘Little Shadow’.

2. Discovery – Daft Punk

So, a lot of people have been raving about ‘Get Lucky’, Daft Punk’s track with Pharrell Williams. I’m definitely holding their new song responsible for rediscovering them, there are so many songs of theirs that I love. They do have a tendency to get on my nerves if I’m not in the right frame of mind, but this is another album that’s great for motivation and I’m as hooked on ‘Get Lucky’ as so many others are too, they’re definitely in my good books at the moment.

3. Contra – Vampire Weekend

Few bands get me in the mood for warmer weather like Vampire Weekend. They’re one of those bands that just remind me of summer, and are another band that owe a new single to a rediscovery. I find it so weird that they have such a tiny back catalogue because I like pretty much all their songs. If ‘Diane Young’ is anything to go by then there’s nothing but more good things coming from them, and I can’t wait. Although ‘Cousins’ is one of my favourite music videos of all time, I thought I’d share my favourite song from Contra with you, ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’, such summery vibes. ♥

4. In Love – Peace

I’m not sure if I have anything in particular to say about this album, but they were another band ‘recommended’ to me by Mr Moon who I initially ignored but after listening to their album without encouragement really enjoyed. It’s just something I’ve been putting on and found myself enjoying from start to finish, which I guess means it has a pretty nice flow, so just give it a listen, yeah?

5. Bankrupt! – Phoenix

Shamelessly listening to an album because one song is everywhere but actually discovering the album is pretty enjoyable. I just wish that the ‘video version’ of ‘Entertainment’ was the same as the album version, it’s way cooler.

Anyway, those were my albums of the week, I guess. I don’t know if I’ll make this a feature, or ever do it again, but I’ve been feeling pretty musical for the last week or so and getting over my shuffling, even if only temporarily, is a minor accomplishment (the most minute of minor accomplishments, ever).

It was nice to listen to some different music this week as opposed to the same playlist over and over, I could use some friendly recommendations. Maybe we could be friends of, that would be fun, huh?

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