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Florida Flashback.

I’ve taken so few photos this year so far that I feel quite weird about it. I’m not necessarily a ‘capture everything’ kind of person, but it’s fun and I enjoy it so it’s definitely something I’m working to improve upon.
With a lack of new things to show you, I thought it might make me feel better to show you some things I haven’t shown you before, so here is a small selection of snaps from my Florida holiday in December, it feels like an ages ago.

You might remember that I already shared a few when I first came back, getting the whole lot printed is definitely on my ‘list of things to get around to eventually’ as is compiling the video I shot into a short film because I think I got some really nice stuff. Looking through these again definitely makes me long for warm weather even more, how nice it will be to choose sunglasses over gloves.

Always any cat, but I do just love snapping away whenever I go to the zoo. ♥

I haven’t really put any thought into any big holidays this year yet but I hope that I get around to a couple of minibreaks that have been popped into the suggestion box. We have a quick stop over to visit Moon’s Dad’s new house in Northern Ireland at the beginning of next month which I’m really looking forward to. It will certainly be nice to get a real change of scenery and get some fresh Irish air in my lungs.
It’s pretty common at the moment that I find myself feeling a bit of wanderlust, I think the next few busy weekends will cure this though and I hope to feel back on track.

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