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Flavrbox for April.

I’m not sure how it works out with Flavrbox months, is it like magazines? So they’d call the last box for March but I got it (and ate it) in April, so I’m going to say my most recent box was April, if anyone at Flavrbox HQ has any issues with this, just let me know…

Let’s get down to it then, here I am, on the last day of the month (April’s a sneaky one, isn’t it), already anticipating next month’s box. As usual, this month’s Flavrbox was full of things I knew I would like as well as things I’d never even thought about trying before.

One of the most impressive things by far though was Flavrbox’s cheeky little redesign, did any other subscribers notice this? As if the packaging wasn’t a designgasm already, they just upped their game, good work ♥.

[Aivar Meze, Pelagonia] RRP: £3.75

I don’t mean to kick this off on a bad note but this was a little bit of a disappointment. Although I did really like it when I received it back in December, I would have preferred to try something new. None the less, now it’s warming up, I think this will go really well with our upcoming barbecues.

[Vegetable Crisps, Scrubby’s] RRP: £2.80

I love a packet of vegetable crisps, and I have to say these were much nicer than standard Tyrell’s ones that I’ve bought in the past. They seemed to have a lot more flavour and were much less greasy as sometimes vegetable crisps tend to be. A major plus, although I know it’s just luck, was the fact there were actual whole crisps in each packet, rather than smashed up bits that aren’t even worth bothering with. They’re a bit pricey for me in real life, but I’d definitely pick them up for a special occasion if I saw them.

[Clapton Grass-Fed Beef Jerky, Shoreditch Kitchen] RRP: £4.50

Oh my goodness! This was almost too good to share. I really wasn’t expecting this to be as nice as it was, I don’t think I’ve ever really eaten jerky before but if it’s all flavoured as nicely as this one I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out. It was one of those where it’s a gentle heat that builds up, which is much nicer than things that are so hot they just taste like fire, you really got a depth of flavour with it, I’m just sorry there wasn’t more.

[Black Bean Kit, Cool Chile Co.] RRP: £2.40

I was a little bit miffed when I saw it was a bit more effort than I wanted to put in to prepare these black beans, but it was so completely worth it! I was going to make re-fried beans as suggested with the kit but I found an awesome recipe for Black Bean Tortilla Soup that was just too good an opportunity to pass up. I accidentally misplaced most of the kit after soaking the beans in water overnight (really weird, the water goes purple), so I made up my own chilly mix and they absorbed the flavour really well. I’ve found the spices again though so I’m ready for round-two if we manage to pick up any more Mexican black beans. I was so proud of my culinary skillz, I even posted them on Instagram (what else is new, that’s all I ever post on Instagram).

[Persian Nougat, The Exquisite Range] RRP: £7.50

I actually really wasn’t looking forward to this at all, I hate rose-flavoured things and this just sounded vile to me. Moon hates nougat too so as an attempt to wash my hands of it, I brought the box into the office. Everyone gobbled them up and, actually I really liked it too! The rose flavour was so much more subtle than I was expecting and the texture was lovely – think gooey without being gooey. I was really impressed, particularly by how well the pistachios complimented the whole thing. Yet another item from this month’s box that was almost too good to share, I can see how it won it’s gold stars!

It really is impossible to fault Flavrbox’s value and if you’re into food then it’s definitely worth it as a surprise gift to yourself each month. Even if you don’t like what you got, share it out, I always love bringing the slightly more obscure products into work and letting everyone try them, I haven’t been let down yet – except by the amount of calories in the Chai Latte when everyone was on their diet kick a couple of months ago.

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