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Bring Me Sunshine.

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Here’s a bit of a snapshot of the weekend just gone. I realise that I’ve not shared anything with you from my Easter weekend, but I was super ill, so there’s not much to tell. I did have a lovely time with my mum and went over to Canterbury to see my sister (in the car, on my own, it was a great success), but it wasn’t very exciting as I couldn’t really do anything fun without feeling worse and spent a lot of time basically feeling sorry for myself. Even the plans I had made with Moon for when I got home were thwarted and I spent most of the tail-end of the bank holiday sleeping. Not fun but I’m totally fine now and back on track.

So, I’m pretty pleased that I’m completely over being ill as I had my old friend Tom down to stay and it was so good to see him. It’s always lovely having my oldest friends around me, firstly because I don’t need to make too much effort but in a good way but also because it’s just good to have a solid catch up on what’s been going on and future plans, it’s been over a year since we saw each other last. Moon and I have pencilled him into our calendar for a couple of months time so we won’t be leaving it as long. It seems to be so difficult to get together with people sometimes, we have every intention of catching up with everyone but there’s always so much to cram into the tiny space of weekend – after a proper look at my diary I’ve really only got two free weekends for the next 8 weeks as it is, no idea how that’s happened, I would describe myself as the furthest from a social butterfly.

The more times we have people to stay in our little flat, the more I realise we ought to figure out the best hotspots so we have fun places to take guests. On Saturday we took Tom into Basingstoke for lunch and had our first ever Ed’s Easy Diner, it was pretty tasty and the boys were in love with their burgers but it was the interior that had me impressed, and the fact I could pick songs out on the juke box and have them play almost straight away, for just 20p!

Today saw us carbooting, having an outdoor pub lunch and showing Tom the sights of Greenham Common, which is much nicer in the sun but needs more greenery and flowers. I’m so pleased Tom brought the sun for his visit – apparently we’re due rain for the rest of the week! It could just do with being the tiniest bit warmer but I’m not complaining because I seriously feel like I’m lacking in Vitamin D.

I absolutely adore ’50s music so it was tough but I managed to narrow it down to three choices!

It was so neat seeing all the cows properly out and about again, and they were so chill.

Her face and teeth!

I hope you’ve been making the most of the sunshine, it feels like spring could actually be here! Bring on this week, whatever the weather, it’s so good to be feeling 100% again.

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