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You Don’t Know Where You’re Going…

Currently… ♥

Watching… Obscure documentaries and indie films – It’s A Disaster is a recent favourite.

Listening To… The 1975, Stornoway, alt-J and Justin Timberlake – all of these are making me very happy recently, with a bit of Motown thrown in you’ve got my perfect daily playlist. ♥

Reading… Pet Semetary by Stephen King – I figured it was about time to get reading and start reading something I actually wanted to read (jog on, 50 Shades). I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I blitzed through 10 chapters in an evening, even without anything happening yet, there’s a great atmosphere and it has kind of given me the heebie jeebies already.

Eating… Far too many peanuts.

Weekend plans? Heading out somewhere for a change of scenery (despite the snow?!), we’ve only just realised that in between entertaining guests and going to and from work we’ve spent a lot of downtime just in Newbury so it’s time to head out elsewhere for a bit, and I’m driving, eep! ♥

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