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Sunday Stroller.

The last afternoon of our friend Jason’s visit saw us pop over to Toby Carvery to stuff our faces and a drive up to Greenham & Crookham Common to apparently creep ourselves out in the middle of the day. Here are some photos I took, the first couple make me feel like Newbury’s Toby Carvery is a bit weird and the rest kind of remind me of a horror film.

Greenham & Crookham Common is a little creepy regardless of how much of a wasteland it was on Sunday. Jason found information about secret nuclear testing and Newbury apparently having a higher percentage of leukaemia than the rest of Berkshire, not sure about the truth in that but still a bit weird. The bunkers and lack of flowers and sun did make for refreshing perspective on things but it was nice to get some fresh air in my lungs.

I was pretty surprised by how great this was, and I’m not even sorry for it.

This pond was covered in a very thin layer of ice, it made a really cool noise when you skimmed stones across it.

Here’s the point where we started to freak ourselves out a bit, very easy to do as it was part of the common that Moon and I hadn’t been to before.

That little taste of spring that we had yesterday has me so excited, I can’t wait to stop wearing scarves and coats, coming home and warming up with hot chocolate is nice but give me an ice cold lemonade any day. I want some sun on my skin.

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