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Pretty Little Lady.

This is a post dedicated entirely to gratuitous photographs of my favourite tiny white haired lady. It’s not that she’s been camera shy, it’s more that I haven’t take photos of anything, let alone her, so here’s a few to make up for that.
Dolly has had a severe case of spring fever recently, even if the weather hasn’t shown itself to be at all spring-like, there’s clearly something in the air that’s turned my sweet kitty into the naughtiest little madam. She’s demanding and super sneaky at the moment and I’m not sure how happy I am about it, at the same time though, I can’t resist her adorable face or her cute meow.

‘I can has eggs?’

‘OK, I has eggs.’

I love it when I manage to snap slightly goofy photos of her, makes me giggle against all the people who tell me what a beaut she is. ♥

I think I can really see that she’s very nearly a proper grown-up cat now, Moon’s dad even commented on how much bigger she was looking, oh dear!

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