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Photo An Hour 3/12: March

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I’m definitely making a real promise to myself to not pick a Sunday to do next month’s Photo An Hour. I feel like this month’s is particularly lazy, and I pretty much picked the laziest day I’ve had all month to do it. I did try the Saturday before but I got distracted, I still enjoyed doing it but it was a little more effort to take photos of my sleepy day.

11am – Sundays definitely warrant sleeping in, at least a little.

12pm – A spot of cat-bothering.

1pm – Almost lunch, but far too breakfasty.

2pm – Popping out for our first local swim, and picking up a weird combination of things we needed from Sainbury’s on the way.

3pm – Overall I wasn’t very impressed with this leisure centre, it was a little grimey, I’m on the hunt for somewhere nicer as it was pretty refreshing to go swimming.

4pm – Popping everything in the wash as soon as we got home, including me!

5pm – Chopping up fun vegetables and catching a film that one of Moon’s work colleagues lent him, it wasn’t terrible but it was so far from good.

6pm – Lovely Sunday roast of what turned out to be pulled pork, amazing.

7pm – Totally in love with Nashville.

8pm – Making a considered effort to catch up with blogging.

9pm – Catching up on In the Flesh, I’ve really enjoyed it, such a good twist on the zombie genre, and so very bleak, I wish it was a little more out there though.

10pm – Cosying up for part 2 of In the Flesh.

11pm – Already back in bed ready for another Monday and fully creeping myself out with my current read.
So yes, I think there should be less Sundays in this challenge from now on, not that my weekdays are much more riveting but at least I spend less time preparing and eating food.

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