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Mr & Mrs Morgan.

So, a while ago, and I mean a real while ago, like back in December-while ago, I was asked to help photograph with my friend Abbie at her cousin’s wedding. I think overall, even though it’s hard work and totally knackering, I think can finally admit that it’s something I really enjoy doing. This wedding was quite different to the one I shot way back in October last year. Let’s just say the weather really wasn’t on our side, I still managed to get a few good shots and I was happy with what I handed over but working with such dull lighting was definitely a challenge.

The theme was beautiful, as it was so close to Christmas each of the tables were themed with the Twelve Days of Christmas and Kate’s bouquet was filled with adorable vintage brooches and quirky finds. I think she was pretty nervous which did make photographing a bit awkward, even for Abbie, who knew her well but I definitely empathise with her and could see myself acting in a similarly anxious way. There was even a Gangnam Style flash mob – that’s how long ago it actually was, remember when that was relevant?

I wish I hadn’t got distracted with work and going to Florida, and generally being lazy and that I’d shared these with you sooner, but here are a few of my favourites from the day. I’m definitely hoping that the convenience of a car will make the next wedding I shoot (if there is another one!), a lot easier, if nothing else it will mean I’ll be able to bring all the equipment I would actually want to bring rather than just what I can manage to carry on a train.

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