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Mr Moon is 24.

I never seem to take lots of photos when it’s Moon’s birthday, with last year maybe being an exception. To be fair Saturday was a bit of strange one filled with far too much indecisiveness on my lovely boyfriend’s part, mainly because he didn’t actually want to do anything in the first place. Still, we had a visitor, and then more visitors so plans were to be expected.

We ended up heading to Andover for a look around (which was not good), and then went for a quick drink in Hungerford before heading back to wait for a few more friends to come over to eat Chinese and we should have just stayed in but instead decided that it would be fun to head out, and it wasn’t. Maybe I’m getting old but I’m pretty sure that the pub we went to needs to recognise that it’s not a nightclub and it’s entirely too loud, I don’t care if it was Saturday night.

I hope Mr Moon had a nice day though, I think he did really, and he sure was pleased with the gifts I got him and the other gifts he got too. I’m actually still waiting on a t-shirt I ordered him from Society6 but it still hasn’t come, has anyone else used them? It’s been over a month now and an order I placed for a cushion cover has arrived but my t-shirts still haven’t, weird.

The last of my Valentine’s flowers still going strong!

His mum got him a steam cleaner to help out with his ironing predicament, I think it’s a super idea, but also a sign that he’s no longer mummy’s little soldier, but an adult, an adult who needs smart clothes. I’m kind of looking forward to him getting it out of the box so I can use it. I did my first proper stint of ironing (I usually just do one item as and when and that’s never often in my eyes) and I must say it’s dire, why is it that so many people claim that it’s therapeutic, simply not true at all.

I was a pretty swell gift giver if you ask me. I got him a fancy malt whisky, some brandy glasses and an Easter egg to name a few things, as well as new pyjama bottoms in a hope that he’ll be more inclined to let me wash them.

Doll always enjoys when we’re unwrapping gifts but today was an extra-great day because she got to lick some of the leftover cake mixture.

I feel like I did a pretty grand job on this, and today it tasted like a shop-cake. The icing is a lot more purple in person.

More than enough Chinese food for 6 people.
‘You don’t want it delivered, do you?’ – Worst service, best Chinese takeaway in Newbury.

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