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Many Layers of March.

I would definitely say the above photo is pretty unacceptable for the tail-end of March. I don’t actually mind wrapping up warm but it really feels like an age since I’ve felt a warm ray of sunshine, or since I’ve been outside without three or four layers on.

Coat: Gap
Scarf: Primark
Necklaces: Gift/Found
Handbag: Yucca
Dress: Primark
Bandeau: Drop Dead
Tights: Primark
Socks: Glasto
Boots: ASOS

This dress is one of my all time favourites and never fails me, as time’s gone on I have felt like it’s a little short, especially as I’m into longer dresses and trousers at the moment, but these thicker tights really made up for that and thanks to my cardigan and parker, I didn’t feel too exposed.

Nails: A Pink Bev Ridge and Friends polish with Black Polka Dot Polish by Nubar and Sally Hansen Black Nail Art Pen
These didn’t last long as I was too excited about the Ice Cream Etude House polishes I got, but I really do love the Nubar polish, it’s so simple, I can’t wait for it to be warmer so I can wear it over pastelly colours again.

Despite the sprinkling of snow in Newbury, it had mostly melted after we’d polished off our lunch of bacon and egg sandwiches. So it was super chilly and definitely boot-weather but it wasn’t so bad taking in a change of scenery (and it was pretty fun showing off my ‘driving skillz’). We’ve been to Winchester before but ages ago, it does feel like it’s missing a little something and despite the pretty buildings there’s not as much character as it seemss. I’m sick of going places that have the same high streets as everywhere else and I feel like Winchester is missing a trick when it comes to quirky, boutiquey shops – if I’m missing something, I’d love to know.

I’ve since made a little list of fun places to head out on day trips, some places we’ve been to, some places we haven’t but it’s quite exciting. I’m so looking forward to the long weekend already, I’m going ‘home home’ to see my Mum and Gran before going to Canterbury to visit my sister. I’m leaving myself two full days for something fun with Mr Moon, I’m hoping for something Bristol/Bath way, I feel so odd that I’ve never been.
Have you got any fun plans for the Easter weekend? I’m umming and ahhing about what kind of Easter cake to bake.

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