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FlavrBox: March

It feels like I praise FlavrBox more and more with each box that arrives on my doorstep, but this box is the best box I’ve received in months. I enjoyed each product except for one, and that was down to personal taste rather than it being a bad item.

Don’t forget that for just £20 a month, you can have lovely food samples straight to your door too, and it’s definitely worth it, with each box matching or overtaking this value, pretty good I’d say. And it looks like this is the month that Flavrbox is making great leaps, with an exciting competition to name their adorable mascot. Without knowing about it, I even commented on the little guy in my last review. Sadly I can never come up to scratch with things like this so was totally stumped for a name for him and that part of the competition is now closed with Flavio and Omlet as the front runners. Why not head over to their Facebook and cast your vote, I’m a fan of Flavio, a little more obvious but I think I like that – looks like Omlet might be the one though.

So, here’s what I thought of this month’s box and as usual I can’t wait for the next!

Like I said, this month’s box didn’t disappoint, four out of five great products with the prettiest packaging, a real deal breaker.

[5 Tea Gift Set, Bellevue Tea] – RRP: £7.50

This was my favourite part of this month’s box, how I love fun teas! There was such a great range to choose from to, with some types that I hadn’t even tried before. Although Clipper Tea has my heart, I definitely have to say that Bellevue’s Rooibos stood out from the rest, and it went amazingly with a spoonful fo set honey, not something I’m usually into but it definitely worked. I also loved the peppermint tea, which I thought I would hate. I think the Breakfast was my least favourite as I didn’t care much for, what to me tasted like, a herby after taste. The fact that there’s such good choice and more than one of each makes this the best value for me too, I didn’t feel as though once it was gone it was gone, until, you know, it was gone…

[Red Wine Vinegar, Olive Branch] – RRP: £5.99

I find myself using products that I am most sceptical about last each time and I actually wish I hadn’t waited so long to try this because I know I’m going to love it on everything! As for Olive Branch, their cherry jam I got in a box a few months back was a dream and this bottle of red wine vinegar lives up to this quality too. I actually wasn’t sure what to put it with so the fact it had suggestions on the bottle was really helpful, I ended up just glugging a little into the spaghetti bolognese I cooked last night and it worked a treat, I thought the sauce was a little watery but Moon liked it so much that he practically saved it on it’s own – I’m going to put it down to the vinegar. After tasting it on it’s own I think I’ll be trying it in salads too, I was worried it would actually taste like bad red wine but it’s a great and not too sharp, which was the main thing I was concerned about.

[Candied Orange Dark Chocolate Bar, Bovetti] – RRP: £3.50

I really don’t like dark chocolate in the slightest, it’s a real struggle to eat, but like previous bars of dark chocolate I’ve received, I put this one to good work, with an amazing (even if I do say so myself) Vanilla Sponge Cake with Chocolate Orange Icing and Marmalade filling, boy oh boy did it go down a treat at work. With one slice left I even brought home a piece for Moon, who simple scoffed the chocolate icing part. This chocolate definitely lived up to its promises and was both chocolatey and orangey and in the end was very easy to turn around from something I hate, to something I hope to try again.

[Chunky Red Peper Dip, Elli & Manos] – RRP: £2.80

We accidentally ended up sharing most of this with friends when they came down to watch the rugby. What a tasty little jar, I’m not sure what else to say really. I must admit I think it was a little more tomatoey than pepper, but it still tasted great and I’m pretty glad we were able to keep a little over for ourselves.

[Chipotle Salsa, Cool Chile Co.] – RRP: £4.00

This is the product I liked the least from this month’s box and actually fobbed it off on a friend who thought it was delicious. I just wasn’t a fan of the smokiness, and I don’t think it worked well as a dip, it probably would be really tasty mixed in with a chilli but I’m sure the friend I gave it to will appreciate it more than me.

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