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Flavrbox for February.

I totally meant to post this yesterday – when it was still February, I actually still have a Photo An Hour to upload too (oops!) – but I got distracted with a spot of early spring cleaning in preparation for some guests we’re having over for Moon’s birthday, very exciting and the changing season is a great excuse to get organised.

Anyway, I was really pleased with this (last) month’s Flavrbox, it was definitely a box featuring a welcome return of old favourites as there were a couple of products that were the same or the same brand I have received in previous boxes but have been unable to find elsewhere since – thank goodness for my recent discovery that I’m in such close proximity to so many farm shops.

This was actually my first Flavrbox of the year and I really did miss it for January and am looking forward to March’s box already. I would say this February’s box was a lot about nibbles and great for the amount of people we had visiting us, not amazing on my waistline, but we’re working on that one.

Every month, I always wish I could get a better picture of this little guy, he really is just the cutest!

[Organic Spelt Hand-Baked Oat Cakes, Sharpham Park]

Sadly I think I may have gone off Oat Cakes a little bit, not sure why but it might be because I loved them a little too much and now we need a bit of break. These were still nice, they just didn’t blow me away and to me just tasted like any other oat cakes, it was nice to have something straight to hand that went with the Chutney and Bacon Jam though.

[Empire Tomato & Coriander Chutney, Pink’s]

Moon and I were huge fans of the Pink’s Smoked Tomato Tapenade we got in November’s box and this lived up to the quality we expected from the brand. We always have chutneys and sauces coming out of our ears in our little flat so this was probably always going to be a success. It tastes as you would expect and is amazing with cheese and the oat cakes above.

[Green Tea Chai Latte, DrinkMe Chai]

This was my least favourite in this month’s box by a country mile but everyone in the office loved it and was pleased to have my off-cast. I must admit to never having a ‘proper’ chai latte but I’m almost definite that I won’t be trying one any time soon thanks to this one. It’s a shame because it smells amazing, like a mixture of white hot chocolate and cinnamon. Taste-wise I just didn’t get it, it tastes how it smells and I had it with milk as suggested but the flavours as a warm liquid just didn’t work for me – still it’s now sitting in a kitchen cupboard at work for everyone else to enjoy.

[Green Pitted Olives with Chilli, Karyatis]

These were great, I think I’ve been sent products by this brand before and I liked those too. Olives are definitely how you know you’re a grown up, grown ups like olives. If you like olives then these are the best kind, they’re huge and full of flavour, not so hot that it burns your mouth, but just a nice gentle heat that goes really well with the natural overall taste. I enjoyed these as part of a big snack selection I created when my Gran stayed with us at the beginning of the month, she was impressed.

[Bacon Jam, Eat 17]

The Chilli Bacon Jam that arrived in my first ever Flavrbox was the biggest hit of my whole subscription. We had it on everything, and naturally were delighted to receive its more mellow brother in this months box. I definitely prefer the chilli version but this one is still delicious and what it lacks in heat it makes up for in meaty flavours, still a winner and we’re still hoarding it for only our most special guests to try.

[Zingy Ginger Fudge, Tan Rosie]

What a lovely surprise this was and the first of two lots of surprise fudge I got in the month of February. The texture of the fudge was so creamy and just how I like it and the ginger was so subtle, although Moon didn’t agree and would have preferred plain old vanilla, but that’s not quite as fun is it?

There’s still a little over two weeks to get in on the Flavrbox action for March, for just £20 a month (including shipping), you’ll receive a similar, divinely packaged selection and you’ll get to try tasty new food from specially selected independent food makers. It would definitely be a neat treat for any food loveer, maybe for your mum with Mother’s Day fast approaching! ♥

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