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I guess with Easter approaching it seems only fitting to feature a bit of nail art that mimics Easter eggs, not quite as fun as my efforts last year but still a neat effect and I’ve definitely found a couple of polishes that will see me well into summer.

Seche Vite Top Coat and Matte Nail Envy Nail Strengthener by OPI are two products I definitely couldn’t do my nails without since discovering them, two fantastic finds that I owe to browsing beauty blogs.

I first saw these on Hello Terri Lowe and knew I had to have them right away, the packaging was so different from any other polish I’ve ever had and they were just so cute. I do like glitter polishes but I’m always put off because I feel like they’re hassle to take off, these ones aren’t really any different but each layer adds a lovely mixed glitter layer like a sparkly speckled bird’s egg, and at just £3.50 they’re an affordable dupe of Illamasqua Speckle Polishes.

I picked them up in ‘Mintchoco’ and ‘Strawberry Stars Candy’ (because I figured they were most ice creamy and springy) from this seller on eBay as recommended in Terri’s post. I think I disagree with her in that it ‘doesn’t dry hard’ as I found it was pretty solid. With ‘Strawberry Stars Candy’ I found a few coats did do the trick but being a bit of a nitpicker, I ended up doing around 6 or 7 coats just to get the combination that I wanted. I’m yet to try ‘Mintchoco’ but I must say that it looks like it provides a thicker coverage, either way I think they’re a great find and the perfect polishes to perk up my collection which is in need of a good spring clean – if spring ever gets here.

*scuse the poor lighting, I ran out of daylight, I hope you get the idea that this polish is kind of a light milky pink, the photos don’t show the tiny flecks of holo glitter that well though, but that’s there too!

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