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Catch Up.

Hello, since we last spoke, I’ve passed my driving test, eaten at lots of fancy places, cooked fun things and had a quite a few visitors – but I’ve also been sleep, really sleepy, and lazy, so pardon my absence but here are a few snapshots to show how my February has been.
It’s really been far to cold for me to enjoy myself or find the motivation to take lots of photos as normal, I’m really looking forward to spring and sunny walks with flowers – and driving places, I’m sure I’ll eventually find that fun too.

An inkling that spring is just around the corner.

We stumbled upon a nice record shop called ‘Sound Knowledge’ when wandering around Marlborough a few weeks ago, I love how many posters it has and the whole layout. Sadly HMV here in Newbz is the latest tragedy of the recession and is set to close soon, maybe Sound Knowledge will have to be our next point of call for physical music, not an unlikely possibility considering how much Mr Moon loves CDs.

Valentine’s Day was lovely, we spent it at a cute little place that Moon spotted when we were coming back from Marlborough called The Pelican Inn. We were the youngest dining there by around 30 years, but the food was delicious and affordable. I was basically happy to have an obvious excuse to give my Topshop heart dress its second outing – I think I will wear it more when it’s warmer though, it makes me feel so cute ♥

Starter: Beef fillet salad
Main: Free Range Chicken, Leek & Bacon
Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae – one of the nicest puddings I’ve ever had, the brownie was so mushy, nom!


I was pretty pleased to get a little lot of cards congratulating me on passing my driving test, a bit weird but after the amount of time and effort (and money) I’ve spent on it, it was nice that people were willing to acknowledge my achievement. I particularly enjoyed the card that work did for me, a hilarious card filled with equally hilarious messages. I was so happy on the day I passed I could have kissed the examiner, it’s just a shame is was probably the most unexciting man on the planet.

My sister’s visit saw a lovely lunch out at Bill’s – still a blogger favourite right, or I am I bit out of touch, I don’t care if so as it’s still one of my favourites all the same, we got such a great seat this time too.

My favourite recent purchase, I’m looking forward to finding the time to sit down and do it.

Bringing you (almost) bang up to date, Moon’s mum paid us a visit yesterday so we took her over to Hare Hatch Sheeplands, where the showroom is for the company I work for, but there’s so much more there too – there’s even a petting zoo in the warmer months! There was a small, but cute craft fair and so many nice homewares I found hard to resist snapping up. I did go a bit mad in the farm shop though and came away with steak, pork pies and lots of other goodies, great for a last minute rummage for Moon’s upcoming birthday.

The café at Sheeplands had lovely food, and will be great for spring, luckily Mrs Moon was able to get a coffee so she could be a bit less frozen even for the short time we were having lunch.

Very special handmade wooden boxes, perfect for jewellery.

Such a huge part of me wanted this piggy tote, or this fabric somewhere in my life.

Next time I pop over I’ll have to pick myself up some kind of animal garden ornament, they come in all shapes and sizes but this tiny pig was one of my favourites.

I’ve still got a few more things to share with you and February isn’t quite over yet, but March is promising exciting things, like a new sofa, my own car and some lovely gatherings with friends – the latter has been distinctly lacking recently. Have you had a good February, I hope you’ve been a lot less frozen than I have, with snow trying to fall looks like there’s not much sign of me wrapping up any less any time soon!

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