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Bye bye, January.

January sure has been sleepy, but that’s not to say it’s been without nice things.
I started off the year with fireworks in Florida, visiting ice sculptures and Disney World while Moon started it with a new job, it’s quite exciting but it would have been better if we weren’t so skint.
I’ve spent most of this month getting back into the swing of things and watching a lot of documentaries.

So it’s kind of little weird that we’re already 1/12 down isn’t it? February does mean that spring is kind of the way though and it’s a good excuse to get out of the January slump.

The Good

  • The joy of routine – I do relish in everyday things, although I like to make a big deal and to do new things, I do like to know what I’m doing and when too; dull things like cleaning the flat and doing laundry.
  • A more affectionate little cat – Doll maturing is just about the best thing.
  • Cooking, a lot – From baking to creating tasty mains, this has been a good month for putting food in my face. I’ve discovered so many great new recipes that will definitely be making it into our weekly meal plan, my absolute favourite is Oven Brinner, delicious but perhaps not something to have all the time.
  • Making plans – Thinking about what we’re going to do that doesn’t involve sitting around the house is great. We’re already pretty much booked up until the third weekend of March!

The Less Good

  • Being such a terrible blogger – I know it’s not important but 6 posts in a month is pretty lacklustre for me so I’m not that happy about it. I guess it’s a combination of adjusting, not doing anything interesting and not really having anything I wanted to talk about. It’s definitely something I’m going to change in February.
  • Driving – It’s just something I’m absolutely terrible at, so let’s move on…
  • Snow/Rain/Wind – Snow’s pretty but it’s also pretty dull, I’m so looking forward to more consistent sun.

What’s next?

  • Read more, much more! – I’m not doing too badly at reading a bit more so far, but I still haven’t finished a whole book yet, which is a little frustrating. It is basically because I haven’t really tried but I’m halfway through the book I’m reading at the moment so I hope to read at least one more this month.
  • Stay awake – I’m quite tired of being so tired so I want to try and force myself to have a little more ‘get up and go’, as I discovered a few days ago, actually doing things is less tiring than sitting doing nothing so I may as well give it try.
  • See Wreck-It Ralph – Other people’s opinions about this movie are irrelevant, I’m desperate to see it for so many reasons and I’m so excited that it’s finally out in cinemas over here next weekend. It’s a bit of a silly goal but I don’t think it’s too silly to get excited about movies, is it?
  • Start editing my short film – Sounds a little pretentious like that, but I’ve got a ton of videos from Florida that I want to put together for my family and I’ve not even started to get down to it yet!
  • Blog more – Easy peasy.
  • It’s St Valentine’s Day! ♥ – I love Valentine’s Day, and the cheesiness and the mushiness and the lovehearts. I love people watching too so sitting squished with couples isn’t as bad to me as everyone keeps saying.

I don’t know how I feel about round-up posts, but after such a slump I felt like I should write something.

This month I’ve been listening this a lot, put it mainly down to my obsession with American Horror Story.

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